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I’m Going To show You A Really Easy Way To Get Started Online

Are you sick of all the online scams out there ? And all the different training programs on the internet .Which one do you choose?” its really confusing” LET ME NARROW IT DOWN FOR YOU” internet-42583_1280Ill get you started with a few really simple steps to follow and its free!!… In the next few minutes I will show you a really simple process on how you can achieve your success online without investing your hard earned money…It’s so easy even a kid can do it .

you have nothing to loose

I want to lead you in the right path to getting started online!”

Back in the day I so desperately wanted to succeed online I paid money to who ever I came across on the internet just to find that it was a scam and the wrong way to go about it, well I found out the hard way let me save you heaps of stress and money.right-way

“Me personally I don’t like paying for anything unless I try it first”

It’s like when you go to a retail shop and you want to buy a the latest TV or stereo, you can simply stroll around the shop and play around with all their products.There’s no pressure and you exactly what your getting.

I think when you’re shopping around on the internet it should work the same way…There’s so many training programs out there that require you to give them money upfront to get started and its like gambling with your money.I myself had a lot of trouble trying to find the right program for me with out investing my money.

So tell me what is preventing you from succeeding online?

Does it seem really complicated and you’re scared?

Does your brain get over loaded with so much information and you think your going to fail?

Let me know why you are not succeeding online so far?….I want to know what’s holding you back from having your online business. (you can leave a comment below).

Maybe your online success is not happening for you because of all the scams out there and misleading information or maybe because you don’t have money to invest. If that’s the case well I can totally understand where you’re coming from cause like I mentioned before i’ve been in the same situation.

“Let me turn things around for you today”…!!


This is from my own experience  when I first got started online and I can say that these 3 things helped me to see really fast results.

(1) Help & support Whenever You Want

When you first get started online there is a lot of information to take in and it can get very confusing and it can make you really frustrated when you get stuck.If you’re anything like me when you have no idea of what you’re doing you need someone that can guide you every step of the way. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck and no one to help you,most people just give up ….But where do you find this help?

(2) Your Own Website

If you don’t have a website you won’t be be able to maintain a level of success online for a very long time.Back in the days it used to be really complicated to build a website,

Man things have changed since those days….

Thanks to wordpress,it’s very easy to build a website now.What if I told you that you can have own website up and running online in a few minutes for free.

(3) Proper Training & Practice

You need someone to guide you with step by step instructions.

With proper training and practice like anything that you do over and over again it will start becoming easy and natural to you,just like everyday things that you do it will become part of your life.You will know what im talking about the day when all the puzles are starting to come together for you and you start undersading how the online world works.

Thanks for making it this far finally….. THE ANSWER !!

Welcome to wealthy affiliate university


I would like to thank my mentors and amazing entrepreneurs… (Kyle and Carson founders of Wealthy Affiliate University)

These guys started Wealthy affiliate University back in 2005 and are always around for their WA members they are not the kind of people that take your money  and never hear from them again,they are always around the WA community and you as a member are welcome to message them anytime.geting started

I remember when I first started Wealthy Affiliate it was a really serial experience, its  a like a  hidden world of hundreds of thousands of internet marketers and entrepreneurs “literally” all hanging out in one place all working together and helping each other, I never experienced anything like it….      “I was hooked straight away.”

“So when you sign up for $0 as a starter member here’s what you get”….

  • Personal  Support & help from kyle,carson
  • Live chat support from a community of 10,000’s and WA users
  • 2 free wordpress sites (websites)
  • So much training!!
  • Certification courses
  • Live video classes
  • Classrooms with different topic discussions
  • Webinars

Get started step by step training modules with interactive videos and so much more…Wealthy Affiliate also offers a premium option which gives you so much more!!

So leave your credit card in your wallet guys and….

Have a go at the starter membership here and say hello to the Wealthy Affiliate community,have a few live chats with the WA users and scroll around the WA training  platform and get the feel of things….If you have any questions (leave a comment below) and here’s a link to my profile.


2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Neil

    With so much fluff on the internet, it’s very hard for any newbie to start up an online business. I found this out the hard way!

    I think sometimes, no matter how much money you throw into a program or guru’s pockets, you’re worse off because they can be scams to suck you in.

    It’s awesome to finally know there are only 3 things to get started and to become a success online. Even better when Wealthy Affiliate is Free to start! 🙂



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